This page was written by Dave Rogers.

My Equipment Buying List


Duel Functionality

My budget/goals are focusing on the DUAL FUNCTIONALITY of:

  • Mobile/Backpack Uses (what I can carry)

  • Basic, Basic Home Uses (what I can use in the home)

Things that, at minimum, will help in my home if the electric grid goes down AND which are also lite enough that I can easily take it with me in a backpack if I need to go mobile to live elsewhere or go into urban survival mode.

Items Included

  • WATER: Personal Filtration and Basic Storage.

  • SOLAR: Portable Fold-Out Panels - that charge 5V USB Devices

  • Rechargeable Batteries and Charger - powered via 5V USB connection from solar panels

  • Basic Lights with battery storage inside - powered via 5V USB connection from solar panels

  • Basic Fishing Equipment
    For myself, living along the Gulf Coast, my primary fishing will be along the beach, coastal waters. In addition to the basic fish catching, cleaning tools, my initial focus on equipment is on a cast net, flounder gigging pole & light, floatation devices, and fishing shoes (that can survive prolonged saltwater submersion). For winter-time fishing, I will also look into some type of thermal water barrier (long socks, leggings) to prevent loss of body temperature.

  • Personal Hygiene Items

    • Bars of Soap, Dawn Liquid Soap

    • Clothes Laundry Items (wash board, bus tray)

    • Portable Bidet Squeeze Bottle (Butt Shower)

Supplements for Long-Term Fasting

I'm focusing on the purchase of bulk Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Minerals that are medically required to stay healthy, fully functional, and alive during a long period of not eating. Yes, it is possible to 'burn that fat away' and use that fat fuel as your only daily food source. Yes, and that would eliminate the need for growing, catching, and storing food. I might be onto something? Yea buddy! I think so too. Even the skinniest of persons has a few months of fat fuel on their bodies.



Bulk Food Supplies

When looking into buying food supplies for one main but critically overlooked area is how long does it take for those items to cook.